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Lisbeth Moseholm

IMG_1784I am 30 years old and from Copenhagen, Denmark. I have practiced Bikram yoga for almost two years now. Since I was a child I have been very physical active, doing a lot of sports, soccer, running, handball, spinning etc. My sports have always helped me find my way through hard times in life.

I have always been a girl with many interests and a lot of energy. Working a lot, two-three jobs at the same time, doing my sports everyday, busy seeing all my friends, family, traveling etc. In my mid twenties my body started to tell me to slow down, in many ways. I tried to change my way of living.
I tried to get into yoga, but it was more something I felt I had to do and not something I wanted to do. But then one day a lady gave me a freecard to a Bikram Yoga class. I tried it, and I was hooked from the very first day. Shortly after my first class I knew that I wanted to become a Bikram yoga teacher myself.

Im not the flexible kind of person due to the kind of sports I have done my whole life, and the way I have treated my body, so it was very difficult for me to do the yoga in the beginning, and I had a lot of pain. But I loved the yoga practice and I knew it was good for me. I have been practicing minimum 5 times a week since. During the last year almost every day.

Since I started practicing Bikram yoga I slowly realized how I began to bring the yoga philosophy and meditation into my evryday life. Bikram yoga brings so much positive energy into my life. It makes me relax and embrace the world in a very positive way.

Three years ago I lost my father from the one day to the other. My whole world stoped and it was a big shock to my whole psycological and physical system.
It made me consider my own life and what I wanted to do with it. It was the hardest time of my life, but also the time that has taught me the most, about myself and about life.In that process Bikram yoga has given me so much strenght, energy, love and believe back into my life.

I am an educated socialworker and I used to work with teenagers who were criminals, teenagers who were put into fostercare etc. I love my profession, but it has also been tough on me. Im very passionated about my job, and that made it sometimes very hard, because I was dealing with a wellfare system that is driven by different interests.


Last year I decided to quit my job. I started working at the Bikram Yoga studio in Copenhagen, and besides that as a waitress on a ferry going from Denmark to Norway, to safe up money to go to teacher training. So I went to training September this year and just graduated end November.  Training was the best experience, very intense, challenging and unique. I can´t even describe it, since I have not digested half of it yet! In one way I did not want it to end, but at the same time I was so excited to start teaching and share the yoga.

Im very excited to be here in Mexico and I am looking forward to start teaching here. I believe in this yoga and the benefits psycoligical and mentally.
I see the beauty in the exchange of energy inside and outside the hot room. The beauty in every individual being your own best teacher, facing yourself, your strenghtes and challenges. And the beauty in the transmission I see of every yoga student before class and after class. Like an enlighted star 🙂

My ambitions are someday in the future to combine the socialwork and the yoga and integrate the yoga practice asanas and philosophi deeper into the society.

<3 Lisbeth